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Apa Saja Gejala Asam Urat?

These symptoms are indicative of gout and are mentioned in various sources. Gout does not manifest in its early stages. Gout is caused by crystals that build up. However, there are no symptoms. Gout attacks can cause severe pain in the joints. Usually, the big toe is affected, but other joints may also be affected. The affected joint is reddened and swelling can be seen. The affected joint’s skin feels hot to the touch.

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The ball of the feet becomes inflamed and begins to ache. The arch of the foot feels the pain. Gout can spread to the ankle and cause swelling and pain. Gradually, other parts of the body become affected like the knees and the knuckles on the fingers, wrists, elbows, hips, etc. These joints become swollen, and sudden sharp pains are felt. Gout attacks can be very quick to develop, and can take as little as one day to start. It is common to have hyperuricemia in the blood.

Tophi and skin lumps are common. Although the attacks are recurrent, a second attack can occur months or years later. In chronic cases, however, the attacks can occur repeatedly. Gout is more easily diagnosed by swelling. The deposition of urate crystals in the joints can cause swelling.

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Gout can be confirmed by the presence of pain and inflammation, but neither pain nor inflammation are conclusive symptoms. Gout can also be indicated by skin discoloration. Gout can cause a drastic change in the color of the skin. It almost turns purple in color. This is a definite symptom.

Patients should consult a doctor immediately if they notice changes in the color of their skin, pain, swelling, and other symptoms. Gout attacks can be treated quickly if you are able to. The treatment can be complicated if you delay seeking medical attention. Gout can affect anyone. Gout can lead to anxiety and distress if more than one symptom is present at once. Unnecessary worry will not help. It is best to seek the help of qualified medical professionals as soon as possible.


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