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Apa Pengaruh Diet pada Asam Urat?

Gout is the most painful type of arthritis. Bed sheets are more painful than shoes and socks. It’s possible to walk, but it’s not difficult if you can. Gout attacks the right big one first. After the doctor has diagnosed the problem the treatment options can be discussed. You can expect to have your life changed if you want to avoid repeat performances. You will have fewer options for food and drinks, and you may need to use herbal remedies and medications. Your normal exercise routine may be affected.

Penyebab Asam Urat

Gout is caused in part by excess uric Acid, a waste product of the purine found within protein. If the kidneys can’t filter it all, it forms crystals. They become too heavy after they reach a certain weight and then they fall into the joints. Gout is characterized by irritation from sharp crystals.

A healthy diet can help reduce flare-ups. It is possible to avoid certain foods, but it is also possible to increase or decrease the intake of others. Alcohol should be avoided, with the exception of red wine in small amounts. Beer and its cousins are especially bad because they do two things: dehydrate and provide more purine. One way to make sure you get a new round is to dehydrate.

Cara Alami

This tart cherry juice and fruit may be a good way to get rid of gout flare-ups and prevent future ones. Recent research has shown that cherries can significantly lower blood uric acid levels and increase its excretion. Purine is found in foods high in protein such as meat, seafood, and vegetables.

The highest levels of purine are found in organ and processed meats, but beans and other vegetables also contain some. Although it is not known whether vegetable purine acts in the same way as meat purine, it is a good idea.

Willow Bark: Willow was used as an alternative to aspirin until we could synthesize it. It also contains salicin, the active ingredient. It can cause painful gout flare-ups if it is used on or in the body. If you have the disorder, it’s a good idea not to use products that contain willow bark.


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