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Mengapa Mencoba Pengobatan Alami Untuk Asam Urat?

Long ago, it was debated whether natural remedies for gout work better than traditional medications. The results are in! I’ve tried many miracle cures for gout over the years, only to be disappointed more often than I care to recall. Let’s start with traditional medication. I was prescribed medication to lower my uric acid levels in order to prevent gout attacks for many years. I had to take the medication every day for the rest my life. My original prescription didn’t make any difference. The doctor kept increasing the dose until it had an effect. I was always anxious about increasing the dose. It didn’t seem worth increasing the dosage of medication.

Efek Samping

What if side effects occur? Surely, if I increase the potency, I am increasing the risk. It was also odd to me that my doctor included a script for anti-inflammatory medication in my prescriptions. This may not work at all. My gout settled down after I found the right dose. I still experienced occasional attacks, but they were less frequent. What about natural remedies to gout? After years of suffering from untreated gout attacks, and subsequent attacks while on medication for the same, I realized that there was more to it than just taking pills every day for the rest my life. There didn’t seem like a healthy alternative.

I started researching natural remedies. I was overwhelmed by the amount of information I found. Talk about information overload! Just when I thought I knew everything, I was shocked to find another article that contradicted my conclusions. I began to experiment with different remedies and recorded all the information I found. I used my medication throughout the experimental stage because the thought of a full-blown gout attack terrified and scared me. After many years of trial and error (and lots of failures), I finally found the right treatment. After many years of trials (and lots of failures!) I found that natural remedies worked best for me. With the approval of my doctor, I gradually reduced my medication intake and replaced it with these natural remedies that I had found.

Pengobatan Alami

Today, I rely solely on these natural remedies and don’t take any medication I thought I would need for the rest of life. Natural remedies for gout are better than traditional medication. My experience is that natural remedies win hands down. Gout and pain management are individual issues that I have learned over the years. It is a trial-and-error process for everyone. You can try different natural remedies to find the one that works for you.


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