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Is Gout A Painful Form Of Arthritis?

Gout isn’t just limited to the big one. It can also affect other leg joints like the ankle and knees as well as the fingers, wrists, elbows, and fingers. Gout can be caused by many things. Gout can be caused by two things. Either there is an excess of uric acids in the blood or a deficiency of uric acids being removed from the body. This is most likely due to an under-performing renal function. Gout can be caused by diet, but not just these two things. Purines, compounds that are often found in foods, can cause gout. Certain foods contain higher levels of purines than others.


For example, meat (especially seafood) as well as beans are two examples of foods high in purines. Gout can also be caused by a lack of water intake. A decrease in blood circulation can lead to excess uric acid not being flushed away. Excessive consumption of alcohol is another reason for excess uric acid. Gout can be treated. There are also ways to prevent recurrence. If you have pain in your joints, you should visit your doctor for a diagnosis.

To determine the extent of your condition, your physician will perform a variety of tests. These tests can include blood and urine testing to measure the levels uric acids, as well as a fluid aspiration test to check if there is a buildup of uric acids in the joint. Your doctor will likely prescribe anti-inflammatory medication to reduce swelling and pain in your joint. He may also recommend medication to lower the amount of uric acids in your body.


Your lifestyle and habits will be examined by your physician. These changes can help to ease the pain and prevent future recurrences of gout. Healthy habits include drinking enough water, eating a balanced diet, including fruits and vegetables, and avoiding alcohol overindulgence. It is important to exercise regularly and not become overweight. Gout can be a painful experience but there are ways to get it under control. You should consult your doctor if you suspect you might have gout or another type of arthritis.