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Is lowering Uric Acid a Solution for Gout?

There are two options for lowering uric acids to prevent gout: natural remedies (in this instance, we are focusing on diet) and conventional acid-reducing medications. Which is the best? Allopurinol is the most commonly used drug. It inhibits the enzyme xanthine oxide that activates uric acids production in the liver. It can also be used to lower blood acid levels over time. It is important to remember that allopurinol can be used for a long time, and most people will need to continue taking it throughout their lives.

Side Effects

One side effect is that allopurinol can make gout symptoms worse if taken during a gout attack. It is important to wait at least one month since the last gout attack before you start this treatment. Probenecid and Sulfinpyrazone, uricosuric medications, can lower uric acids in the body. However, this is done by increasing the excretion through the kidneys. These drugs can also be a lifetime commitment. This therapy can lead to kidney stones, especially in patients with a kidney problem.

Our bodies contain nucleotides known as ‘purines’, which are chemical compounds. These chemical compounds are broken down naturally during the metabolizing process. Uric acid is then produced in the bloodstream. They are also found in many of our food and they are broken down in our bodies during digestion, resulting in acid in the bloodstream.

Healthy Kidney

Normal circumstances will allow the kidneys to process all the acid and expel the excess via the urine. If there is too much acid being produced and/or the kidneys aren’t working to their best, excess acid can be retained and circulated in blood. Gout and crystal formation can result. Your diet plays a significant role in the production of uric acids in your blood. It is important to note that purines are found in different foods. Foods high in protein tend to be high in purines so they should be avoided.These foods include organ meats, poultry, fish, shellfish and other fatty meats.

It is safe to say that diet and exercise are better than drugs for reducing uric acids. The drug-based treatment works only while it is being taken. It can also have side effects. This is especially true when you consider that drugs like allopurinol can be a lifetime commitment. While it may be difficult at first, diet changes are safer and more effective than drugs. However, you should always consult your doctor before making any major changes to your diet.


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