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Is my Favorite Beverage causing my Gout?

You can do all you can to prevent a possible gout attack. However, you might want to check into your favorite drinks to ensure that they are not increasing your chances of getting recurrent gout attacks. Gout levels have increased by more than 50% in the United States over the past few decades. Gout attacks have increased due to an increase in fructose intake from soft drinks and other sugary food. Fructose, a simple sugar, is known to increase body uric acid production.


Gout patients are often advised by their doctors to avoid alcohol, organ meats, legumes, and other foods high in purines. However, it is rare that patients are told to limit their intake of fructose-rich foods like soft drinks. Canadian and American researchers looked at the link between high-fructose foods like soft drinks and the possibility of a gout attack. They studied more than 46,000 men over 40 who had never suffered from gout attacks and had no prior history.

These men were followed for 12 years by the researchers, who collected data on food consumption and ate more than 130 different foods and beverages, including regular and diet soft drinks. They also collected data about fruits and juices, which are naturally high in fructose.


The researchers collected data on weight, medication, and medical conditions from the beginning of the study. There were 755 new cases diagnosed of gout attacks in the participants during that time. Participants who drank more sugar-sweetened soft drink were at greater risk of developing a gout attack. The risk of having a gout attack increased by 29 percent in men who consumed less than one serving of soft drink per month.

Participants who drank more than one soft drink per day increased their chance of having a gout attack by 85 percent. Gout attacks were not increased in participants who drank only soft drinks. Gout attacks were also more likely to occur if you eat fructose-rich foods like fruits and their juices. The study’s authors warn that the impact of fruit juices and fruits on the risk of developing gout should not be taken as gospel. Eating certain fruits and vegetables is important for the prevention and treatment of high blood pressure, stroke, heart disease, and other health problems.


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