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I frutti possono controllare il dolore della gotta?

When you are diagnosed with gout, there are two things you should keep in mind. The first is what you should avoid and the second is what you should include in your diet. Most doctors tend to place more emphasis on the first than the second, but they are both part and parcel of the solution. Red meat, pork, seafood, and organ meats are all items to be avoided. It’s a good idea, however, to search these foods online. There are some foods that are safer than others on the avoid list. You might also discover that you have your own triggers.


You should be looking at the purine count. Purine can be found in all proteins, animal and vegetable. This is what causes gout flare-ups. Some scientists believe that vegetable protein is less likely than purine to cause gout flare ups. Surprised at the effects of different fruits on your uric acids count? Tart cherries are the best. Most doctors recommend that you have several glasses of tart cherries per day during an attack and one glass per day when you’re not.

Linnaeus, the father of botany and the inventor of strawberries, is widely regarded as the one who discovered their power. His wife encouraged him to eat some of the berries after he had an attack. He tried to resist it for a while, but eventually gave in to his wife’s advice and ate a few of the berries. He quickly realized that his wife was right and he would eat the delicious berries whenever it flared up.

Any berry or red fruit can be very useful, but diabetics should be cautious. Fruits and juices are high-sugar, which can lead to dangerously high blood sugar levels. Some people would choose to ignore all pain if it was possible. This is a serious problem that you should not ignore. It could cause kidney damage and other health problems.


An excess amount of uric acids can make your kidneys work harder to eliminate the toxin. This can lead to total kidney failure. You may need dialysis, transplant, or even death. Listen to your body. Your body may not respond to home remedies or fruits. Talk to your doctor if you are unable to overcome an attack or if they recur frequently. Your doctor will recommend stronger medications to preserve your kidney function.