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  • Both physical therapy and Pilates are great options for body strengthening. They work well together and can stand on their merits. Combining Pilates therapy with regular Pilates work in a rehabilitation setting […]

  • As the above quote from Isaiah shows, fragrant trees were used primarily to build in biblical times. Solomon was a master builder of palaces and temples. According to biblical writings, Solomon sent workers into […]

  • kessler.gordon wrote a new post 2 months ago

    Proper pH Balance and drinking alkaline water are key to vibrant health and energy. Proper nutrition is the foundation of pH balance. A healthy, energetic, and vibrant body is one that is pH balanced. If your body […]

  • Gout is a serious form of metabolic arthritis. It is caused by high levels of uric acid in the blood. Normal conditions have the blood uric acid processed by the kidneys. The body then gets rid of it through the […]

  • Gout is a form of acute arthritis that can cause severe joint swelling and pain. Gout usually affects the big toe, but it can also affect the ankle, heel and elbow. Gout arthritis can also cause back pain. It can […]

  • kessler.gordon wrote a new post 6 months ago

    There are many types of kidney stones, including calcium oxalate and calcium phosphate. People with hyperuricemia and gout are at greater risk of developing uric acids stones later in life. If there are no steps […]

  • This article explains why high blood uric acids are so common. It also explains why more people suffering from high blood uric levels (gout) are turning to natural remedies for relief instead of taking drug-based […]

  • Acute Gout is a painful condition that many people fear and deal with daily. It is expensive to treat. Gout is a very serious condition that no one wants to deal. Gout is a part of the arthritis family and is […]

  • Your plantar fascia acts as a shock absorber, supporting your arch and supporting your foot under normal circumstances. If the tension on the bowstring is too high, it can cause small tears in your fascia. […]

  • kessler.gordon wrote a new post 11 months ago

    Arthritis can be used to describe almost 100 different types of joint inflammation. Each condition has its own symptoms and treatment plan. People often refer to joint pain as a sign of arthritis. However, not all […]

  • Arthritis is a condition that causes inflammation in any joint. This pain can occur in any joint, including the wrist or knuckle. Cartilage covers the joints where two bones meet. The joint is then covered by a […]

  • You may have had a craving for sugar before you were even born. You may have heard of fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS). Fructose can be extracted from naturally occurring sources. It is always embedded in a lot fiber […]

  • What is psoriatic arthritis? According to studies, between 30 and 25% of psoriasis sufferers will develop psoriatic arthritis. This type of arthritis causes stiffness, swelling, and pain in the joints. Long-term […]

  • Problems with the wrist, hand, and fingers can be caused by injury or non-injury such as overuse or aging. You might feel numbness, soreness, or a burning sensation. You might also notice swelling. Here are some […]

  • You can find here details about a diet to reduce high levels of uric acid. You’ll also find details about a diet to reduce gout symptoms. High levels of uric acids in the bloodstream can cause needle-shaped […]

  • Gout management is a top priority for anyone suffering from it. Gout attacks can be unbearable due to the throbbing pain. Gout pain management should be avoided at all costs. However, it is important to understand […]

  • kessler.gordon wrote a new post 2 years ago

    Toe pain? There are many reasons you might experience toe pain. It is important to determine the cause so that you can fix or control the problem. Here are some possible causes and treatments. The joint of the big […]

  • What is psoriatic arthritis? Psoriatic arthritis can be a form of arthritis that develops in people with psoriasis. The skin is constantly in a state of regeneration and can completely replace itself within a […]

  • There are many superfoods that can prevent gout. Cherry juice and strawberries may also be beneficial. Some chemicals found in dark-colored berries are believed to lower uric acid levels and reduce swelling in […]

  • Gout is a condition that causes severe arthritis symptoms, such as redness and swelling in the joints, intense pain, swelling, heat, tenderness, and swelling. Gout is not limited to one joint. It can occur in any […]

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