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Wat is jicht en pseudo-jicht?

Gout is a condition that results from an inflammation of these crystals. Gout was once a disease that only the wealthy could get. Gout affects over 2 million people today. Gout can affect both men and women. Most often, women are affected after menopause. Gout attacks can be sudden and severe. An overindulgence in certain foods, alcohol, and/or trauma from wearing ill-fitting footwear can trigger an acute attack of gout. It can also be caused either by stress or a genetic disposition. The attack usually causes the area to become throbbing, red, shiny, and swollen.

Acute Attack

An acute attack can last for several days and cause severe pain. The condition can worsen if it is not treated promptly. A prophylactic therapy can begin after a definitive diagnosis is made by a healthcare provider. A blood test that shows a high level of uric acids in the blood can help to diagnose this condition. Everybody has uric acids in their blood. This is due to the body’s daily cell turnover. These crystals can only be found in joints if they reach too high levels.

You can be certain that the chronic phase will begin after the initial acute attack. If the condition is not treated promptly, erosion can occur in the joint and deformities can develop. If it is not treated in its early stages, it can lead to severe kidney damage that can be life-threatening.


Gout is caused by excessive blood uric acid. The kidneys must eliminate this uric acid. If the kidneys are unable to eliminate the uric acid properly, it can then find its way into the joint mentioned above. There are two main reasons why excessive uric acid is found in the blood. The body may be forming too much uric acids, or the kidneys may not be eliminating it quickly enough. This causes an over abundance of uric acid in your blood.

Pseudogout is a similar condition to Gout, but it is caused by a different type crystal in the blood. These crystals are calcium pyrophosphate. Psuedogout is more common in older people, while gout can be seen in younger people. Other conditions, such as thyroid disease or parathyroid disease, can cause pseudo-gout.


Psuedogout can be treated more easily than gout. Avoid alcohol, especially beer. Bacon can be a problem. Organ meats like liver and kidney. Avoid kidney beans and lima beans in the bean family.