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As a Master Herbalist I have studied many diseases and conditions. However, some of these conditions remain textbook until I actually see them. Gout is a great example of this. It’s one thing knowing that a condition can be very painful, but quite another to actually see it on someone’s faces. Gout is a type of arthritis. However, it is not like its cousins. Gout is caused by a buildup in uric acid within the bloodstream. The kidneys usually filter out this waste product. However, if they are not working properly or there is excess, the acid can continue to circulate through your bloodstream. The acid forms crystals when it clumps together. They become heavier and heavier and the power of your heart can’t keep them going.

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They then drop off in joints. Because it is so far away from the body, the right big foot is often the first to be attacked. Two things are necessary to understand in order to recover from gout. First, you need to know what causes uric acids to form and second, how to get rid. The acid is a product of your body’s breakdown of a protein component called purine. It doesn’t really matter if the protein is animal or vegetable; all proteins contain at least some purine.

This means that most people will have to change their diet. It is a good idea for you to find a chart that shows which protein products have the highest and lowest levels of each. This will help you make informed choices at the dinner table. Organ meats and processed meats are the most concentrated and should be avoided.


There are herbs that can help with flare-ups and prevent future ones. Doctors often recommend cherry juice as a first option. It is both an anti-inflammatory and gets rid of acid. It can also cause flare ups. Colchicine may be required in severe cases. It is best to take it with medication. However, there are two herbs that contain it. Ask your doctor if saffron can be used instead of a drug. It is possible to be dangerous because the difference between therapeutic and death is very small. Saffron can only be used in small amounts.

Gout is just one example of a condition that should be treated in a holistic way. You will need to coordinate natural remedies with your doctor and a qualified herbalist if you want to use them. This will help you avoid painful flare-ups and dangerous drug/herb interactions.