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Czy podagra staje się chorobą pandemiczną?

Gout is rapidly becoming a pandemic! It is not contagious but has displayed signs and symptoms that could be considered a pandemic. It is affecting more adult males at an increasing rate and the affected age group are getting younger. If gout is a pandemic, what is the agent that spreads this disease globally, especially in developed countries? Is it a virus? Are there bacteria? Gout can also be classified as a social disorder.


This is a condition that shows a significant and analogical correlation between lifestyle choices, particularly diet, and social development. You can go on a trip to some less developed countries, where the dream of eating delicious meaty food is only possible for those who live there. Ask any adult male over the age of 30 if they have gout. Sometimes you might get blank stares and puzzled looks as you try to explain your topic.

Gout can be a very rare condition in some areas, such as the ones mentioned above. In Dr. Gillian McKeith’s popular book, “You are what you eat!” Gout is the result of what you eat. Gout is a measure of how much meat or alcohol you have consumed throughout your life. There are many theories about how gout develops.

Some believe it is due to a lack of an enzyme that can eliminate excess uric acid. Some believe it is due to weak kidneys that fail to properly excrete uric acid through the urine. Some even believe it is due to genetic inheritance. Whatever the reason, gout is a disease that is associated with a lifestyle that is wealthy.

Gout army ranks will increase as more people enjoy a good life due to rapid economic development. Although gout is not a fatal disease, the effects it can have on you and your family are immense. Gout can cause unbearable pain and emotional stress, which can spread to other members of the family.