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Co warto wiedzieć o naturalnych lekach na podagrę?

Greg, a friend of mine, approached me years ago to discuss his arthritic problem with gout. He shared his daily struggle with gout pain. He also said that going to bed (typically when a bout of gout occurs) was more of a chore than a pleasure. Greg, can you relate? The pain, the misery and the fear of the next attack. Do you know someone who is suffering from this painful condition? Greg is a perfect candidate for this arthritic condition if you know anything about it. Greg was 38 years old, 30 pounds overweight, had a sedentary life (a sitting job), ate high-carb/fat meals, and loved beer.

Naturalne leczenie

I realized that I could have approached Greg about our natural gout treatment, rather than him coming to me. Greg, who has been gout-free for nearly 8 months, proved that you can naturally treat gout using simple gout remedies. You will also lose weight and have a lower chance of developing heart disease if you live a gout-free lifestyle. My career revolves around health! The ‘Health Section’ is my favorite section of the newspaper. While I was reading the daily newspaper, I came across an article about gout. I immediately flipped the page, and thought “duh!” I quickly flipped the page and read the interesting article.

A European study found that over 9,000 men aged 41 to 63 entered the study without any evidence of coronary disease (CHD) after a 16-year follow-up. The study followed up on over 9,000 men aged 41 to 63 who were found to be free from any signs of coronary heart disease (CHD). As you may know, heart disease is responsible for 1 in 5 deaths. The best part? Gouty men were 50% more likely than non-gouty men to die from acute heart attacks.

Podagra Fakty

Gout is a serious condition. Gout can be life-threatening if it is not treated. Greg was immediately available to help me. Greg used our Natural Gout Cure to cure his gout. He lost over 20 pounds, and his blood pressure was 15 points lower. I joked with him that he would be our ‘cure-gout poster child’. How did he do that? He was proactive in curing his gout and started living a healthy lifestyle. You can do the same! Here are some tips to help you or your loved one with gout.

  • Keep Your Healthy Weight!
  • Avoid eating meats (purines).
  • Get half of your body water! That’s how many ounces! I weigh 180 pounds, so I would drink 90 ounces per day. I would drink approximately 11 cups of water each day.
  • Limit or avoid alcohol consumption.
  • Exercise on a daily basis! Get at least 15 minutes of exercise each day.


Are you looking for a simple, step-by-step natural treatment for gout that will work? Are you tired of taking pills to ‘band-aid the pain? Are you looking to find out how you can relieve the pain and not hide it from others? Are you fed up with spending over 200 dollars on unnecessary hospital visits and expensive medication? Are you looking for a quick and easy ‘kitchen cabinet’ remedy that works in minutes? I would love to help you regain your life, get rid of your gout, and save your life.