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What are Causes of Loss of Hair?

This article will discuss the causes of hair fall. It can be difficult to lose your hair. Hair is such an integral part of our physical appearance, that when it falls out, it can cause a loss of self-confidence and self-esteem. It is important to understand the reasons your hair is falling out, and what steps you can take in order to fix it. Hair loss can be caused by many things. Hair loss can occur if you have been…
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O que são doenças comuns de ossos e articulações?

Disorders that affect the musculoskeletal systems are common. They can range from mild problems like gout to more serious problems like rheumatoid and osteoarthritis. Most people experience pain and physical disability. These symptoms can have a significant impact on their lives. While 30 percent of North Americans experience symptoms related to their joints and bones, these conditions are rare. There are many treatments for bone and joint disorders, including medications, physical therapy and surgery. Who is most at risk for…