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Hur lång tid tar det att bota giktvärk?

Before I talk about how long it takes to treat gout, it is important to have a clear understanding of how gout develops and how long it takes for it to heal. You see, what goes around comes around. You must find the root cause of a disease to be able to treat it. If it isn’t removed completely, it will return. Our blood pH should always be maintained at a mild alkalinity of 7.365. Consuming too much acidic food like seafood, meat, and beans can cause your blood pH to drop.


More acid will enter your bloodstream, which will lower the pH and trigger a series homeostasis reactions to counter the acidosis effect. One way to balance pH is to force excess acids from the bloodstream into interstitial fluids as temporary parking. However, the acidic input is always increasing and will slowly seep into the synovial fluid.

Crystallization occurs when the concentration of uric acids in the synovial exceeds its saturation level. This triggers the immune reaction which causes inflammation, burning sensation, and pain.


This is how urate crystals form in your joint. It can take years for uric acid concentration to reach saturation enough to cause crystallization. It can take years for crystals to form. If you start the alkalizing process, it will take almost the same time or longer to get them out.

Otherwise, crystals will continue to grow until they have no place to hide. This is when tophi and kidney stones begin to appear. It all depends on the direction you are heading, alkaline or acid. Gout will only get worse if you don’t take action to reverse acidosis. You will need to wait longer to get rid of those uric acids crystals. You are still hoping that someone will find a magical gout drug that will instantly get rid of your gout.


There is no instant cure for any disease. These are just smokescreens that mask the pain and symptoms. Common sense is the best way to achieve good health. Before you can treat your gout, you must first understand your enemy (gout). Common sense is not always so common.


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