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Should I Stop Drinking For Gout?

What is gout? According to medical experts, gout is a rheumatic condition and a form arthritis. Seventy percent sufferers of gout experience pain in the big toe. This disease is also common in older men, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that women are immune. Gout attacks can be extremely painful and severe. Apart from the ankle and big-toe joints, gout can also affect the elbow, wrist, and knees. Gout can be caused by drinking. Does gout have to go away? This question may be lingering in your mind.

Gout Facts

Here are some useful gout facts to help you answer that question. Gout is rarely seen in alcoholics. According to some studies, gout attacks can develop after years of being an alcoholic. The amount of alcohol consumed over the years is a major factor in the development of gout. 1.49 RR is equivalent to 1-2 drinks. Gout can also be caused by drinking beer. The RR is 1.49 if you consume 12 ounces of beer per day.

People who drink alcohol like vodka, gin and whiskey were also at higher risk of developing gout. Multivariate drinks had a RR of 1.15. The RR for wine consumption was 1.15. Research also revealed that wine contains oxypurines, or purines. When it enters the body, the purine is converted into uric acid. As you know, high levels of purine can cause gout.

Alcoholic Drinks

Gout is caused by alcoholic drinks. Consuming alcohol causes urate retention. It is broken down into lactate when it is consumed. You can get purine loads from stouts and certain red wines as well as port. If you drink too much alcohol (containing urin), you will be more likely to develop gout. Research also found that obesity is linked to excessive drinking.

Gout is also a possibility for people with obesity. Purine can be avoided by quitting drinking beer and other alcoholic beverages. People at high risk for developing gout should avoid alcohol. Gout attacks can be caused by feasting and drinking, but it is the drinking that is the most dangerous. You can make gradual lifestyle changes to prevent gout attacks. It is impossible to quit drinking alcohol entirely. You can stop drinking by drinking less.


Gout prevention can also be achieved through diet changes. Limit your intake of mackerel and herrings, fish liver, anchovies. Shrimps, sardines. Heart, kidney, meat liver, sweetbreads. You should avoid eating vegetables containing purine, such as asparagus, peas, beans, and mushrooms.


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