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Can Natural Remedies Cure Gout?

I found many websites that claimed to have some kind of cure for gout while searching the internet. Some websites claim that their home remedies or natural/drug-free remedies will instantly relieve your gout pain! Instantly? Any drug or poison that gives you instant results is likely to contain aggressive poisons. Although Coca-leaf can be taken naturally, imagine what happens if you take too much. To find out the truth about those secret remedies, I spent money to buy their info-product. But to my surprise, these are only a few common tips and advices that you can find online with a little effort and time.

Pozrime sa...

Baking soda, cherries and herbs, lots of water, supplement, etc. Do you sound familiar? If it is a true secret that cannot be found anywhere else, I will gladly pay for the generosity of the author to share his research. If it is just general information that can be obtained easily, I don’t see the point in paying for it. E-books can be convenient and useful, but only if the information is valuable. Gout falls under the Modern Disease category. Diabetes, hypertension, cancer, and other modern diseases are also considered ‘popular’.

Modern Disease can be simplified to mean a disease that has a clear increase in the number affected patients, which is proportional with the country’s level of development. To put it another way, modern diseases are more prevalent in societies that are more advanced or well-developed. It’s lifestyle-related. There are 5 million Americans with gout in 2009, but the number of gout patients in developing countries such as Vietnam is less than 0.1% of American gout sufferers.

But Why?

It could be genetic, as in some cases, gout can show symptoms of inheritance within a family. Is it an inheritance of lifestyle or genetic? There is a high chance that your children will share the same food preferences as your father. I wonder if scientists have ever studied the social aspects of gout. They become so focused on their microscopes that they forget the larger picture.

After speaking with hundreds of gout sufferers and having detailed discussions, I discovered common lifestyle patterns among gout sufferers. It is easy to predict gout by looking at one’s lifestyle, especially what kind of food and drink he enjoys. Gout is not something that you would expect. It is humans who have caused gout and other modern illnesses through rapid modernization. Since the Agricultural Revolution, the law of nature was broken. It got worse with the Industrial Revolution. We are now in the midst of the Information Revolution. Let us make the most of the technologies and spread awareness all over the globe.


Can you see that Mother Nature is suffering now? Why? Whose fault? Take a look at yourself and ask yourself if you are suffering from modern diseases. Now you will know who to blame. P/S.: I wish there was an instant, natural cure for The Planet Earth. God bless all of us, including our only Earth.