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  • High amounts of the same chemical compound is found in black cherries, which causes leaves of maples and sumacs to turn red in autumn. Anthrocyanins are the chemical compound. Anthrocyanins are present in many […]

  • Definition – Gout refers to chronic joint inflammation and swelling caused by excessive uric acids forming crystals in the bloodstream of the joints connections. Gout is more common in women who are […]

  • Gout is a type of arthritis that causes pain, inflammation, swelling, and soreness in the joints. It also reduces their mobility. Gout mostly affects the lower limbs (toes, heels and ankles), but it can also […]

  • Many people want to get rid of kidney stones quickly as thousands of people have them every year. Instead of using expensive ultrasonic treatment, doctors recommend that the stone be allowed to pass through the […]

  • Gout arthritis is a joint disease. Gout arthritis is caused by the accumulation of uric acid, which forms crystals of monosodium-urate. These crystals are found on the articular cartilage of the joints, tendons, […]

  • People are increasingly looking for alternatives to the dangerous side effects of conventional synthetic drugs. It is not surprising that the herbal medicine industry has experienced a sudden boom. But people need […]

  • Hydrotherapy can be used to treat gout. However, it is not the only treatment. Gout treatment is often done with reflexology. It has been proven to be effective for some people. What is reflexology? Reflexology, […]

  • Proteolytic enzymes are also known as proteases. They work in concert with the body to break down proteins. Proteolytic Enzymes are made up of trypsin from your pancreas and papain, as well as bromelain. […]

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    Millions of people are now including cherries in their healthy diet due to high levels of cherry nutrition. Tart cherries, also known as sour cherries, can be eaten in many forms, including juice, frozen, dried, […]

  • How can you tell if you have bunion? A bunion is a painful, swollen bump at the joint between your big toe and your foot. The bunion is caused by a misalignment at the big toe joint. Bunions can be caused by many […]

  • Arthritis can be described as a broad term that refers to a variety of painful conditions that affect the bones and joints. There are approximately 100 types of arthritis. Although arthritis is usually associated […]

  • Due to our unhealthy and stressful lives, body aches have become part of our daily lives. The most common type of pain and aches is joint pain. A joint is an area of the body where bones meet to form a hinge. They […]

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    There are many ways to relieve uric acid pain. However, it can be difficult to find the best one for you. This article will show you three natural ways to relieve gout pain and get rid of uric acid. Gout is caused […]

  • According to the National Arthritis Data Workgroup, over 6 million Americans have experienced gout at one time or another. Gout is the most common type of inflammatory arthritis among men over 40 years old. Many […]

  • You want to know which high uric acids foods you should avoid if your gout is severe. This page will provide you with a list to avoid and a list low in uric acid foods that you can eat if you have gout. This is […]

  • Every day, thousands of people search the internet for the best treatment for gout. Most of them will give in to the gout garbage. You can actually find nearly 1 million websites offering information on a gout […]

  • Drinking lots of water is one natural home remedy for gout that can be used to treat and prevent the disease. Gout sufferers can also benefit from water intake. Hydrotherapy, which uses hot and cold water […]

  • Do you feel stiff and achy the first time you get out of bed each morning? Do you feel pain in your hips, knees, or back when you sit for long periods of time? Do you find it more difficult to kneel, bend and […]

  • It was 1988. I was working in Germany, and I had been invited to a gite in Loire Valley with my friends for our annual holiday. My wife and I both enjoyed a glass of wine, and the couple who joined us knew how to […]

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    Are you familiar with gout? Gout is a swelling of at most one joint, usually the big toe. Gout can be very painful and cause severe pain. Gout attacks usually occur in the middle or late hours of the night, when […]

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