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Cup of healthy marigold tea

What are Health Benefits of Calendula?

Calendula tea can be used to treat a sore or sore throat. You can gargle calendula three times per day to ease the pain. Calendula can reduce swelling and pain, making it useful for sore throats. Calendula can be used to treat acne. Calendula tea is a great way to wash your face every night. Acne is caused by swelling of the glands due to bacterial infection. Calendula tea contains powerful anti-bacterial compounds that kill bacteria and active anti-inflammatory substances…
Mustard powder

Are Herbal Remedies for Arthritis efficient?

Herbal medicine has been proven to be effective in treating or alleviating many conditions. Although it is not always compatible with other schools of medical or scientific thought, some herbs are medically documented. However, most herbs' efficacy is based on folk tales or anecdotal evidence. Although research on active substances in herbs can't be fully equated to the effectiveness of whole herbs or whole herb extracts, all plants produce compounds that have different medicinal effects. The therapeutic effect of any…
a bottle of homemade tansy oil

What are Benefits of Common Tansy and Arnica Montana?

Common tansy's healing properties were first discovered long ago. It has been shown to be effective in treating nervous diseases, epilepsy and liver diseases, as well as stomach inflammation, rheumatism, gout, stomach ulcers, and other conditions. It is also a great way to get rid of intestinal worms and head lice. The stem of the herb can grow to 120 cm in height. The plant's top is branched. The yellow blossoms are arranged as composite inflorescences with an average diameter…