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Does the Ginger Foot Soak combat Gout?

Gout Natural Remedies: Does the Ginger Feet Soak Really Work? Gout pain is something that many people have experienced. There are many products that claim to relieve it. Gout can be a terrible condition and many "natural remedies" for gout are just a scam. Uric acid crystals are causing little damage to your joints and there are many people out there trying to sell you a quick remedy or potion. Gout is a common condition in my family, so I…
Ginger root slice

Is Ginger the Divine Wonder Cure?

Ayurveda, the Wonderful treaure Indian Healing Herbs, regards Ginger as the most valuable herb for its excellent medicinal properties. Gingembre (Zingiber Officinale), also known as Ingwer in German Zanzabil, Arabic & Persian texts, and the fresh variety known as Ardhrakam or Adrakh, is grown in many parts India, mainly in Madras, Cochin & Travancore, but also in Bengal & Punjab. The dried rhizomes from ginger are called Shunthi or Maha-oushdham (Sanskrit) and Sonth (Hindi texts).Ginger Benefits Dried Ginger powder…