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Alkaline diet concept

Why to treat Gout with an Alkaline Diet? 0 (0)

Gout is a type of arthritis that can be very painful during flare-ups. Gout is caused when the body has too much uric acid. The buildup forms small crystals in the joints. Inflammation is caused by the presence of acid and crystals. This causes severe joint pain, especially in the big toe. It may feel warm and swollen to the touch. The pain may also be more severe at night. Gout is not a cure, but it is manageable.Treatment…
Pour water

Is Alkaline Water the best Gout Remedy? 0 (0)

There are many gout remedies on the market today. NSAIDS - anti inflammatory drugs that reduce swelling in the affected muscles are the most popular. Even these so-called remedies can have unwanted side effects. Worse, these side effects aren't worth it since they don't cure the disease. Prescription drugs are not a long-term solution to the pain. Gout attacks can still occur after the medicine has worn off. They become more severe and painful with time. Are these gout remedies…
Very cold mineral water

Is Alkaline Water great for Gout? 5 (8)

Gout pain is something you don't know until you have a blood test done by your doctor. This will confirm that your blood serum uric acids is within the healthy range. To ease severe gout pain, doctors will usually prescribe mild painkillers and anti-inflammatory medications for beginners. Gout patients are often advised to eat healthier and drink more water. That's it! This is the gouty advice that millions of gouty patients have heard over and over again.Let's see... Many…