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Balanced nutrition

How To Reduce Gout Attacks? 0 (0)

A low-purine diet is one of the best ways to manage your gout. Gout attacks can be reduced by proper diet. High blood uric acid levels can cause gout. The body metabolizes purines in foods to create uric acid. Reduce the amount of purines that you eat to lower your uric acids levels. All foods that contain protein have purines. Purines are essential for good health. When your body produces more uric acids than it can use or excretes through…
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How To Naturally Eliminate Uric Acid? 0 (0)

This disease is caused when uric acid crystals build up in your body. After being diagnosed, you will likely be prescribed one of the many drugs that will suppress this production. This will not solve the problem. You may need to take medication for a long time to 'manage' the problem instead of treating it. These suppressant medications control your blood uric acid levels. It is possible that you have already developed urate crystals. These are formed when the acid…