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Young green needles of a spruce

What are the Healing Qualities of Spruce?

This article will discuss the healing properties of spruce and how to use it for various health problems. External use of the decoction of new tops and cones, needles and needles is recommended. To relieve gout and rheumatism pain, you can add it to your bath water. It can also be used to treat neuritis, joint pain, and radiculitis. Infuse the herbs with 3-5 liters water. Boil the infusion for a while. Let it cool, then let it brew. The…
Ripe frozen sweet cherry

How to find Pain Relief for Sciatica Pain?

Your pain may be aggravated by the mattress you are sleeping on. You can put pressure on your spine by sleeping on a too soft mattress. Your lower body sinks into the mattress, causing the spinal column to become out of alignment. A firm mattress is the best. It doesn't have to be the most firm, but it should be at least medium firm. If you have sciatica, you can only make things worse by sleeping on your stomach. Sleeping…