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Celery and broccoli

Why is Celery Juice son nutritious?

Celery juice is one of the most popular vegetable juices. Celery juice is not only a great choice for mixing with other juices but also a very nutritious drink on its own. Celery juice is rich in vitamins B and C as well as a variety of minerals such as potassium, phosphorus and sodium. Celery juice is known to have a soothing effect due to the essential oils, which have a regulatory impact on the nervous system. It is recommended…
Medicinal plant burdock

What are natural Blood Purifiers?

It is clear that good health is key to happiness, success, and well-being. People are becoming more aware of how important it is to have a healthy body and be physically fit. A good blood detox can help you improve your overall health and mental well-being. The process of eliminating toxins, impurities and other undesirable substances from the blood is called blood detox. It can boost energy, improve digestion, and treat many skin conditions. While blood cleansing is not considered…
Stock photo of Amla/Avla/Aavla

Do Herbal Remedies from South America control Menopause?

You might be worried about the availability of herbal remedies from South America, given all the news coverage on the destruction of the Amazon rain forest. What happens to all the amazing herbs that millions of women use every day to get relief from menopause? This is a serious problem and it's only getting worse. Not only are rain forests becoming less productive and plants disappearing at alarming rates, but wild herbal remedies are also under threat. It is not…