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Heart and brain.

How to enhance my Sensual Awareness?

The precious gift of life is our five senses, sight, hearing, smell and taste. Our sensual responses to the world are diminished if we ignore or suppress them. We are more likely to feel stressed and upset, and our ability to heal from illnesses is slower. When any one of our senses ceases to function, when we are in fear or in the throes if passion, all of these senses become more responsive. It is possible to bring more sensual…
Paper cutout family split

What to know about Dysfunctional Families?

Many people claim that they are from dysfunctional families. This label, or judgment, does not reflect the true reality of any family. Dysfunctional means that families must function in a certain way, and that they should not fail to do so. What if there was something else going on in the family that we grew up in? What if people only claimed their families were dysfunctional because they wanted to make them feel separate from themselves and avoid acknowledging the…