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What are the most Fattening Foods?

In the early 1900's, whole dairy products, meats and white flour were the main foods people ate. More butter and animal fats were added. Heart disease was responsible for only 10% of all deaths at the time. Between 1920 and 1955, the number of deaths due to heart disease soared to 40%. To explain the rapid rise in heart disease, a "lipid hypothesis" was developed. Scientists discovered that cholesterol levels increased with increased dietary fat intake. Heart disease victims were…
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Are there usefull Tips for Growing Taller?

Here's some information that teens who want to be socially accepted, respected, admired, and accepted by their peers would love to learn more about. How can you get taller? How can you overcome the odds, even if your genetic disposition is that you will be shorter than everyone else in your family? How can you get rid of all the insults and demeaning names like "shorty?" How can you stop people from referring to you as "shorty" simply because you're…
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What to know about Fake Sugar?

You're determined to lose weight. To help you do this, you're going artificial sweeteners. Hold on! This is what you need to know before you reach for the diet soda. People who use artificial sweeteners more often gain weight than those who use the real thing. Diet drinks are even worse! Artificial sweeteners can greatly increase insulin levels. Artificial sweeteners can make it difficult to feel satisfied. Manufacturers often use two or more artificial sweetness in their processed foods to…