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What are the Effects of Being Obese?

Obesity (or excess body fat) is often caused by eating too many energy-rich foods and not enough exercise to burn off calories. According to the World Health Organization, around 2.3 billion adults worldwide will be overweight in 2015 and more than 700 million will be obese. Obesity can have serious consequences for your health and increase your risk of developing life-threatening diseases. Because it is more difficult to walk, exercise, or get up in the morning, obesity leads to deconditioning.…
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How being Obese affects my Arthritis?

Did you know that arthritis pain can be reduced if you do the things I'm going to show you? Many arthritis patients don't know this secret, which is very unfortunate. Many of them spend a lot of money on arthritis treatment. Many of them are now heavily indebted because they spent huge amounts on treatments that promised bogus cures. This will not happen to your case if you do what I will tell you in a few seconds.Let's see...…
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How is Gout and Obesity linked?

People ignore the fact that obesity is the root cause of most health problems. I have seen patients who have created complete gout programs and therapies for themselves, which include 8-12 medications and remedies. The worst part is that they continue to tell me that they are overweight and drink excessively. It is time to wake up if you are one of these people or have any medical condition.Obesity Obesity is a killer. Although it is unlikely that you…