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How to start the Healing Process of Arthritis?

As a young boy, arthritis was the first Western disease I was familiar with. Bertha Cooper, my beloved paternal grandmother, was afflicted by this disease for many years. It was very severe in her wrists, and joints. I can recall her asking me if she would like to buy Ben Gay, a white pharmaceutical antiinflammatory rubbing cream. She would also rub Ben Gay on her wrists, joints, and tendons. I was a small boy and didn't know much about disease.…
Portrait of senior man with lower back pain

Can Ayurveda control Low Back Pain?

Nearly 80% of people experience low back pain or lumbar pain at some point in their lives. It is caused by musculoskeletal disorders and can be acute, sub-acute, or chronic. It is the area that supports the most body weight. This structure allows for all movements and flexibility. The lumbar region is composed of five vertebrae. Inter-vertebral disks are located between them. They act as a cushion, and prevent the vertebrae from rubbing each other. These inter-vertebral disks protect the…