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Female foot heel pain

How to control the Stress on the Heels? 0 (0)

Do you feel severe pain in the heel when you take off your shoes? Do you have trouble keeping your heel on the ground? Are there any symptoms such as inflammation or a fluid-filled sac on your heel? If all of the above answers are affirmative, you could be suffering from Calcaneal Bursitis. Calcaneal Bursitis refers to a medical condition that affects the heel. It causes severe pain and inflammation in the posterior part of the heel. This condition is…
Walking On Toes

What causes Heel Pain? 0 (0)

Do not underestimate the pain that is commonly known as heel pain. This constant pain can make you feel drained and lethargic. If you notice heel pain early, don't delay. It is more difficult to treat if it is not treated quickly. It is a natural condition that the initial discomfort is not as significant as the pain and agony that can be caused by neglecting it. Plantar Fasciitis and heel pain are not always the same thing. However, any…