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Apple and dougnuts

Why Do I Crave Sugar?

You may have had a craving for sugar before you were even born. You may have heard of fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS). Fructose can be extracted from naturally occurring sources. It is always embedded in a lot fiber and becomes very similar to ethanol. The only difference between them in nutrition is that some of the ethanol gets metabolized in brains, making people feel a little nauseous. Isolated fructose, on the other hand, is processed in liver without any apparent…
Various types of sugar

What to know about Fake Sugar?

You're determined to lose weight. To help you do this, you're going artificial sweeteners. Hold on! This is what you need to know before you reach for the diet soda. People who use artificial sweeteners more often gain weight than those who use the real thing. Diet drinks are even worse! Artificial sweeteners can greatly increase insulin levels. Artificial sweeteners can make it difficult to feel satisfied. Manufacturers often use two or more artificial sweetness in their processed foods to…
Ascending sugar cube

What are Sugar Intake Dangers?

The White Death is here, just as the bubonic plague of 1300s spread boils, now spotty teenagers plague our cities. But what's the cause? And how can we stop it? People hear all the time about how bad energy drinks are for them and how they should be cut. But how much sugar should you be consuming daily? Are all sugars bad for you? How can you avoid consuming too much sugar every day? What high-sugar foods should you avoid?…