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What are Common Problems of the Feet?

Your feet are very important. They provide mobility and help you get from A to B. Your feet are also susceptible to injury and infection. You will notice a problem with your feet if something is wrong. Even a small blister can make it difficult to walk and wear shoes. Proper foot care, including hygiene and proper fitting shoes, can help to reduce or avoid most of the foot problems. Blisters are fluid-filled, soft, and often painful areas of skin…
Knee pain

What causes Swollen Fingers and Feet?

Swollen feet and fingers could indicate a serious condition. The good news is that this disease is still in its initial phase. However, swelling is a sign that you need to be seen by a doctor. Cracking of the knuckles is a sign that there is not enough calcium in your body. Osteoarthritis is characterized by painful and deformed fingers. This can also be a sign of gout. Painful, reddening joints are a sign of polyarthritis. You should seek immediate…