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banaba plant

What are the Medicinal Effects of Banaba tree?

Few trees can have both medicinal and aesthetic benefits. The banaba tree (Lagerstroemia speciesa) is one such example. The banaba tree can grow up to 20 meters in height and is found in tropical countries such as the Philippines. It is a flowery tree and is often planted in rural areas to provide ornamental trees. The bright purple flowers make it a striking sight when they are in bloom. Banaba is loved by many people in the Philippines for its…
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What to know about Hair Loss?

Ever wonder what causes hair loss? It's possible that you have the baldness gene from your father. Sometimes, it is possible for a person to be genetically predisposed to thinning hair. It's possible that you will experience the same condition as your relatives who have experienced pattern baldness, also known as androgenic hair loss. There are many other causes of hair loss or thinning, but they are not as well-known as genetics. Knowing about them will help you make the…
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What are Natural Remedies for Arthritis?

There are many natural remedies and herbs for arthritis available on the market today. But which ones actually work? Many people suffer from arthritis symptoms like stiffness and swelling. It is natural that many people would look for natural remedies. There are many lifestyle and dietary changes that can help ease symptoms and restore mobility and comfort. Arthritis is simply a general term that describes inflammation of the joints. Arthritis can be caused by a variety of rheumatic conditions, including…