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Etkili Gut Tedavisinin Önemli Anahtarları Var mı?

Gout sufferers’ worst nightmare is to wake up in the middle night in pain and suffering from gout. Gout attacks can be extremely painful for at most 3-4 days. This does not make it easy to believe that there is a gout cure. What can a gout sufferer do? Gout is something that you can recognize if you have been suffering from it for any length of the past. Then comes the mandatory remedy. These can be anything from medication like colchicine or indomethacin to home remedies like eating a bowl of cherries or using home-made ointments.

Home Treatments

These treatments can help relieve the pain of acute gout attacks, but they take time. Gout treatment should be effective before an acute gout attack occurs. These are the three essential elements to consider when you implement your gout treatment plan. Losing weight is one of the key ingredients to effective gout treatment. Gout sufferers who lose weight notice a dramatic reduction in their occurrences or even stop having attacks. Gout treatment involves losing weight, but you need to do it slowly.

Moderation is key. You should not lose weight too quickly as this can increase your uric acid levels and lead to severe gout attacks. A slow weight loss is better than a crash program. This will increase your chances of permanent weight loss. Proper hydration is another key component to effective gout treatment. Hydration is essential to flush out excess uric acid from your system. It can also help reduce joint inflammation, which is a side effect dehydration. Many people believe that water is the best way to hydrate.


Although this is true, there are many other ways to get your water intake. One example is to eat a piece watermelon. One glass of water is equivalent to one regular-sized watermelon. Watermelon and seeds can help neutralize uric acids, which is a bonus. Although it may not be the most important aspect of a gout treatment plan, proper nutrition is crucial. It will be difficult to lose weight and stay hydrated if you don’t have a healthy nutrition plan.

Drinking sodas and eating hamburgers will only increase weight and dehydrate you. Hotdogs and hamburgers are high in purines, which can increase your body’s uric acid levels, making acute gout attacks more likely. Eating healthy foods like bananas, strawberries, and watermelon can help you lose weight, hydrate properly, and help you reduce or neutralize your uric acids.


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