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Bor Artrit Ağrısını hafifletmeye yardımcı olabilir mi?

Boron is a mineral. It is the fifth metalloid element that naturally occurs. Although it is essential to plant growth, it is considered a poisonous. Recently, it has been suggested that it may also be essential for humans. Our daily intake of boron comes from eating fruits, vegetables, and plants. Boron has never been considered an essential mineral for our bodies. Although it is present in our bodies in small amounts, it was considered a mineral that exists in plants and is allowed to pass through the body without any significant effects. In the 1980s, Dr Rex, an Australian arthritis sufferer, began to explore the importance of boron for our diets and whether there was any link between boron arthritis. His research spanned more than a decade.

Boron Properties

He traveled around the globe to study how different levels of soil boron could affect arthritis. He observed different populations all over the globe. He thought that areas with boron rich soil would have fewer cases of boriar arthritis and vice versa. He noticed that only 3% of Africans who ate maize grown in boron rich soil had arthritis. But arthritis levels rose to 20% when they moved to big cities and started to eat maize grown from commercially produced maize. This begs the question: Why was this happening? Their diet had not changed significantly, so what was causing the increased levels of arthritis? He discovered that the food they ate in cities was commercially grown. The crops were grown using fertilizers.

The soil was not allowed to replenish its natural minerals. The fertilizers made the plants grow large and lush, but they did not give the soil the natural minerals it needed. A native maize plant would produce only 1kg of grain, compared to the 10kg produced by a well-fertilized hybrid maze plant. The native maize that yielded 1kg had the same amount natural minerals, including boron, as the hybrid maize that yielded 10kg. It was like putting a little butter on top of a lot of bread. There was more quantity, but less quality.


It is also well-known in parts of New Zealand and the north-west of Australia that it is a popular place for seniors to visit to ease their arthritis. Dr Rex used a number school leavers to conduct a survey. The survey revealed that arthritis was almost unheard-of in the local population. The population with arthritis was only 1%, compared to 20% in most other areas. Dr Rex further investigated and discovered that it wasn’t the climate that was causing the arthritis relief effect but the geothermal waters. The Geo-thermal water brought a wealth of minerals, including boron, to the areas where crops and plants were grown.

The foods had higher levels of boron, protecting the local population from arthritis. The Royal Melbourne Hospital also conducted a study in response to Dr Rex’s findings. They did a double-blind study. One group was given boron supplements while the other received a placebo. The results showed that 70% of the participants felt better after taking boron supplements, compared to only 12% who felt better when taking a placebo. The U.S. Human Nutrition Research Centre (North Dakota) investigated how boron might be used to treat and relieve arthritis. They discovered that boron works by supporting a gland called the “parathyroid” that regulates the mineralization of bones. Dr Rex’s research showed that a deficiency in boron mineral could have significant consequences on bone health.


His research revealed a significant relationship between Boron mineral and vitamin D. Boron is essential in activating Vitamin D, which controls calcium absorption and utilization in the body. He noticed that arthritis sufferers who consumed higher amounts of Boron had significantly lower levels of calcium and magnesium passing through the urine. It became clear that Boron was helping to preserve calcium and magnesium. Boron gives the body a better chance to use these minerals in maintaining bone, cartilage, and other important functions. This helps prevent bone demineralization and arthritis.

Although I cannot say I have ever used Boron to treat arthritis, it is something I wouldn’t recommend. For those who have tried other remedies, but failed to succeed, it may be worth looking into. An option is to increase your boron intake. Dr Rex has done some research but, as with other remedies and ailments, there has been very little information so it is possible that not all side effects have been discovered. Although Dr Rex did not report any side effects from his research and surveys, Before beginning any treatment, I would recommend that you consult a doctor or nutritionist. They can provide you with the most current information about medical research on Boron and monitor your progress, as well as any side effects. While I don’t know if Boron is effective or not, his research is solid. The body will heal itself if it gets the nutrients it needs.

Herbal Cures

When I mention my career, I get one of the following reactions: Most people nod and say “oh, how wonderful.” They don’t understand what I mean when they say I’m Master Herbalist. Others are skeptical. You can read what I have to say to them in other articles. The third reaction is much more interesting. This reaction is more interesting than if I was a doctor. I cannot answer all questions without a thorough interview, but I can give you some basic information. Many times, those first tentative questions require basic answers. You may already have some. Here are some answers to the more difficult problems.

The first part of Disease Prevention is not something you’ll like. Many diseases can be prevented by proper diet and exercise. There are some things you can do to help prevent heart disease. Garlic and Omega-3 fatty acid are good options. These are blood thinners so it’s a good idea for anyone who takes medications to speak to their doctor. Arthritis: There is a variety of arthritis types, and at least two require different treatment. You can treat osteoarthritis with gotukola and willow bark both internally and externally. Willow bark is not recommended for people with gout.

Gut hastalığı

Gout attacks can be caused by both it and aspirin, which are made from the same constituent. Cherry juice is a better choice. Immune System: This category requires extreme caution. There are three things you may have noticed if you do some research. However, two-thirds of these may not be true. First, goldenseal. It is often used for immune system support, but it is not what herbalists use it to treat. It is mostly used to treat digestive problems. This would not be a problem unless there is a very serious interaction. Any statin, prescription or herbal (red yeast rice, crestor), will interact with goldenseal.

Goldenseal can interact with it. It can cause severe muscle damage and can even lead to kidney failure. People with infections often tell me that they take ginseng regularly. This could make the problem worse, depending on the severity. Ginseng can worsen an auto-immune disorder. You can also use ginseng if you have bronchitis. Before you take ginseng, make sure to get checked out. Echinacea can be helpful if you are sick. It is not a good idea to take it continuously. No matter what you read, it should not be taken for more than ten to two weeks. It can cause a disruption in your immune system if you take it more often. BPH: Saw palmetto may be able to relieve the symptoms of BPH. It can mask the symptoms and cause prostate cancer. This could affect the PSA tests. It is important to inform your doctor if you decide to use it.


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