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How to Pass Kidney Stones quickly caused by Gout?

Many people want to get rid of kidney stones quickly as thousands of people have them every year. Instead of using expensive ultrasonic treatment, doctors recommend that the stone be allowed to pass through the urinary tract naturally. Passing a kidney stone can be painful for sufferers. The pain can last for days as the stone slowly moves through the kidneys, bladder, and urethra. There are a few things you can do to speed up the process of getting rid of a stone. While most of these can be done at your home, some require the approval and supervision of a doctor to ensure that there is no further damage.

Scientists have recommended drinking or eating acidic fruits since the 1950’s to help break down the uric acids that make up the most painful and large stones. Most kidney stones are less than 5mm in diameter and are made of calcium. Consuming half a pound of cherries daily can reduce the size of kidney stones and also helps to pass kidney stones quickly. Phosphoric acid, which is a common component in many citrus-flavored soft drinks, is also useful for those who are unable to eat half a pound of cherries each day.

To pass any type of stone, people should drink as much water and take water soluble fiber supplements as a safe diuretic. Alpha-blockers are a treatment that is very effective in breaking down or dissolving stones while they travel. These medications are usually prescribed for high blood pressure. These medications can have unintended side effects and must be monitored by a doctor. They are safe and effective for people who are suffering from severe pain due to the passing of kidney stone. Although it won’t help quickly with kidney stones passing, non-prescription painkillers like aspirin are recommended to make the process easier. A healthy, fiber-rich diet can help prevent the development of more stones. A doctor may recommend a different ultrasound or surgical procedure if the stones are too large or painful to pass. To eliminate chronic stones, you may need to take medication or eat a modified diet.

If you cannot pass kidney stones or still suffer from gout, try home remedies: Gout Medicine.

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