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Low Purine Diet – Can it Prevent us from a Gout Attack?

Have you ever had a horrible gout attack? I had, and that is exactly why I chose this topic for my next health article.

Gout can be prevented, and that is what my doctor has told me. But how do we do that? Let me share some tips that I found while doing an online search. There are hundreds of them, and I had no trouble finding the information. Let’s start with the definition of purines.

What is Purine?

Purines are nutrients found in many foods, including organ meats and mackerel. I didn’t know that fish could cause gout. This is why I was diagnosed with gout three months ago. About 15% of the uric acid in purines is found in our bodies. Gout could be caused by too much uric acids, as I am aware. It is important to be aware of purines in foods. We will be able to manage our food intake. However, knowing what foods to avoid is not enough as you may end up with a lack of vitamins later. I was able to find a diet table that helped me determine the recommended daily intake for each type of food.

What foods should we avoid and what should we eat?

These foods are high in protein and come from organs like liver, kidney, heart, brains, and meats. Avoid mackerel and scallops as well as mussels. Avoid eating oily and fatty foods. Avoid soups made with excessive amounts of beef stock and meat extracts. Next are foods we can eat in moderation. This is very good news. I cannot eat only vegetables and fruits. We should eat two thirds of a cup of oatmeal each day, one fourth of rice, and limited amounts of wheat bran and wheat germ. Moderation is important for certain vegetables. Limit asparagus, cauliflower and spinach to half a cup. You can eat 2 to 3 ounces white meat, such as chicken breast, fish, and shellfish. As an option to our protein needs, we can consume one cup of dried beans or peas. The last set includes foods with low purine. These include breads and cereals as well as fruits, vegetables, nuts, milk and milk products, vegetable broth, sugar syrup, potatoes, herbs, and spices.

A reduced intake of purine foods can help prevent gout attacks. We can also prevent arthritis and rheumatism by controlling our uric acid. These health problems can be avoided by a healthy diet.

How to treat Gout?

In addition of a low purine diet, some medicinal plants have an interesting effect to cure gout and slightly alleviate its pain. Discover here the best remedies to treat gout: Gout Treatment.

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