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Ingredients for the healthy foods selection

What are Common Illnesses caused by fatty Diet?

Obesity can be caused by too much fat in the diet. This is a risk factor for many serious diseases. Dietary fats are an energy source for the body and help to regulate many bodily functions like blood pressure, heart beat, and blood clotting. While our bodies need a certain amount to function properly, too much fat can lead to health problems. A low-fat diet is the best. This ensures that our bodies get the right amount of fat and…
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How to prevent Knee Pain?

The hinge is the knee. Although it is a large, heavy-bearing joint, its motion is more restricted than most other joints. It can be bent to 120 degrees, and will straighten to provide stability for the leg. It will not move in any direction. Although the knee has a limited range of motion, it is strong and can withstand side stress. Two cartilage compartments are located in the knee: one inner and one outside. If the cartilage wears unevenly, the…