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What Are Gout Causes?

Gout is a form of arthritis that results from the accumulation of uric acids crystals in the joints. Gout affects more Americans than 2 million. 5 percent of those with arthritis suffer from it. Studies show that more men are affected than women. Gout can be caused by several factors. Gout is caused by abnormally high blood levels of uric acids. When the acid is cooled, it forms crystals. These crystals can build up in the joints and surrounding tissues, causing symptoms such as gout. Gout can also be caused by high levels of proteins, purines, and acids in the body.


Purines are converted into uric acids, so more purines in the body is more uric. Red meats, poultry and shellfish are high in purine. The body also has higher levels of uric acids due to protein intake. Although these compounds are vital for our survival, too many can lead to gout. Most dairy products, including milk, creams, and eggs, are high in protein. Recent research has shown that low-fat dairy products don’t necessarily cause gout. Acidic foods like nectarines and lentils, as well as barley, have lower pH levels, which can lead to increased uric acids and crystal formation.

Beer is a very acidic food source. Gout can be caused by certain foods and beverages, but also by obesity. Research has shown that obesity can increase the risk of developing gout or having recurrent attacks. There are many options for gout treatment.


Proper diagnosis is essential. Gout pain and discomfort can be relieved mainly by natural or home remedies. High-potassium foods such as carrots, bananas, and all types of berries and cherries are the best options. Gout symptoms can also be relieved by topical creams and natural remedies. As treatments, warm wraps and ice pack have been used.

You can also use physical therapy to treat gout. Avoid alcohol, as it can be very acidic. Be careful about what you eat. However, it is important to not restrict your diet too much. Very low-calorie diets can lead to gout. Alkaline foods are good for neutralizing acidity. Drink more bottled water than tap water. Tap water can contain lead, which can cause gout. Gout can be caused by stress.