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What Are Gout Remedies That Work?

Gout treatment options are numerous. People with gout often turn to cherries for their gout relief. It is believed that 15-20 cherries per day can help with gouty attacks. Although this is not scientifically proven. Vitamin C is a key component of cherries, which helps to dissolve uric acid deposits. It can also help with gouty episodes by reducing inflammation. Bananas can also be used to reduce uric acid. It is rich in phosphorus, which reacts with uric acids to help it be eliminated and lower uric acid levels.


For a successful therapy, it is recommended that you eat 3-6 bananas per day. These gout remedies will not work if your feet are not moving. Stretching and moving your joints in a full range will improve blood circulation, reduce uric acid deposits, and prevent them from building up in your area. Talk to your doctor about the best exercise therapy for you. Remember that the more you are stationary, the more likely it is for uric acid crystallization to occur.

Water is the most cost-effective and readily available gout remedy. It can help with gouty symptoms as well as lower your uric acid levels. It is recommended that you drink at most 3 liters of fluid daily if you do not have any kidney or heart problems. This will help flush out uric acids in your kidneys. This is especially important if you take probenecid. It helps to pass excess uric acid through your kidneys. It is important to hydrate properly while taking this medication in order to prevent the formation of renal stones.

Gouty attacks

These can also be caused by dehydration. The more water you drink, the better you’ll feel. These gout remedies are easy to find. Gout can be managed with lifestyle and diet changes. A proper exercise program does not require you to join a gym. You can get moving by running for 30 minutes, vacuuming the floors, and wiping the counter tops every day. Consult a nutritionist if you are unsure about your diet to create a gout diet.