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What are Guggul Health Benefits?

Guggulu, also known in Hindi as guggul, is a very important and trusted herb in the ayurvedic system. It is a key ingredient in many ayurvedic classic medicines such as yograj guggulu and kaishore gugguls, triphala gugguls, chandraprabha vati and arogyavardhani vati. Because of its amazing healing power, almost any illness can be treated with it. Commiphora mukul is a small shrub or tree that can reach a maximum height of 4 – 6 ft. It has thorns on its branches. It has small leaves that are very similar to a neem or neem tree. It has red flowers and produces fruit that is oval-shaped and pulpy. Guggulu, the gum resin excreted from the bark of the plant, is called the gum resin.

Guggul Facts

It can be found almost anywhere in India. Guggulu, also known as ushan virya, is a herb that is used to treat erectile dysfunction. It is a hot potency herb, so it can kill diseases caused by vata dominance. It also suppresses all three aggravated doshas, making it a tridosha suppressant. These properties are due to the presence of tickt and katu rase in Guggulu. Guggulu (extracted resin), is a chemical composition that consists of the octanordammarana Terpenes manusumbionic Acid and manusumbinone, as determined by chemical analysis. Guggulu should only be used after purification (shudhikar), in milk. It should not be used in its raw form. Guggulu can be used for many ailments, as we have already mentioned.

Guggulu is often used by Indian herbal practitioners as an anti-inflammatory and pain relieving herb. It has ushanvirya in potency, which means it can suppress vata, which is the pain-causing factor. It is a very popular remedy for arthritic pains. It has the ability to reverse the degenerative changes in joints and bones. It is effective in relieving pain and swelling. This property is believed to strengthen the nervous system. Guggulu is used to treat skin conditions. It acts as a blood purifier. It increases the production of red blood cells (RBC) as well as the action of white blood cells (WBC), which are useful in fighting any type of infection.

Immune System

Guggulu is also well-known for its ability to improve our immune system. Leprosy and eczema are two examples of cases where Guggulu has shown positive results. Guggulu, an ayurvedic antibiotic, is blindly used to treat infectious diseases. Guggulu is useful for problems related to the heart. High cholesterol sufferers have seen remarkable results. Regular use of guggulu has been shown to significantly lower blood cholesterol levels. Guggulu helps to maintain normal blood levels of LDL and HDL. Guggulu is known for its hypertension-related properties. It lowers blood pressure and maintains it at normal levels.

  • It has been shown to reduce body fat levels. Guggulu is ushan virya and has a good penetration power due to tickt and katu rasa. This makes it a very useful tool in solving obesity-related problems. It has been used by Ayurvedic doctors for centuries as an anti-obesity agent.
  • It is also good for strengthening the digestive system, aiding in the secretion of digestive juices, and can be used as an appetizer. It is also useful in hemorhoids and colitis. It can be used to relieve hyperacidity or belching. It has also been shown to be beneficial in the treatment of liver problems. Guggulu can also be helpful for upper respiratory tract infections. It acts as an expectorant by suppressing kapha, the main cause of wet cough.


Asthmatic patients also benefit from these benefits. Patients with renal calculi have seen a great benefit. It acts as a diuretic and helps to crush the calculus, thereby relieving and treating patients with renal stones. Guggulu water (guggulu dissolved into water) has been used to treat tonsillitis, mouth ulcers and upper respiratory tract infections, as well as throat irritation and stomatitis. Regular guggulu use can improve sexual ability and sperm counts. It can also improve sperm quality. It also acts as an aphrodisiac. Guggulu is also effective in treating painful menses and menstrual disorders. It has been used in many traditional ayurvedic medicines. Guggulu can also be used to promote rasayan, i.e. It is used to promote youthness and longitivity. It is also known as Chawanprash, a part of the well-known rasayan.

Best Foods

Peanut kernels contain up to 26% protein, which is twice the amount found in wheat. It is also easily absorbed by your body. Peanuts contain 40% of fat. The unsaturated fatty acid make up more than 80%. Peanuts have a higher nutritional value than other grains, and can be compared with eggs, milk and meat. Peanuts are easy to digest and absorb. They also play an important role in health care. Peanut can prevent fibrin dissolution, promote the neogenesis and platelet formation, strengthen the contracting function in the capillaries, treat hemorhagic diseases, and so on. Peanut can also lower blood pressure and adjust cholesterol. The autumn weather can be very dry so lotus root can be used to replenish the vital essence, remove heat, moisten the dryness, quench the thirst, purify the heart, and soothe the nerves.

Lotus root is warm and can contract the blood vessels, which can nourish the blood and lung. Lotus root is rich in carbohydrates and many vitamins and minerals. It is also very helpful in the treatment of constipation because it is rich in dietary fibres. It is the most popular wine in China and is also the oldest in the world. Yellow rice wine has 18 types of amino acids that are essential for the human body.

Yellow Wine

Additionally, yellow wine contains many functional oligosaccharides that can increase immunity and resistance to disease in the human body. This function is unmatched by beer or grape wine. Pear is tender and fresh, and it also contains 85% water. It is high in vitamins, calcium, phosphorus and iron. It is also rich in iodine, iron, and other trace elements. Different ways to eat pears can have different effects. Raw pears, for example, can be used to relieve symptoms of upper respiratory tract infection such as dry throat, itching and pain. Pears can be cooked or steamed to replenish vital essence, nourish the lung, relieve the cough, and eliminate phlegm. It is also very effective in the treatment and prevention of gout, arthritis, and rheumatism.


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