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What Are Hidden Health Problems For Gout Sufferers?

Gout is well-known for its effects on the joints. Gout pain is most commonly felt in the big toe area. However, it can also be present in the wrists, elbows and fingers. Gout pain can also lead to other health problems, such as poor cardio-vascular health, weight gain, and depression. These health issues may also be present in gout patients for two reasons. Scientists have demonstrated a correlation between serum urate levels and body weight. Some studies have even shown that body weight is the most important factor in determining serum urate concentrations.

Gout Pain

Simply put, the more uriate in your body the greater the chance of developing gout pain. Gout can be caused by uric acid or foods containing purines. However, gout is more likely to be a manifestation of other health issues that must be addressed. Gout can sometimes become a more regular part of your life than a few occasional attacks. As uric acid levels increase, stiffness and ongoing pain can become more severe. It may not be a “gout attack”, but it could present as a constant nagging pain with occasional flare-ups.

Gout sufferers may have difficulty moving if the affected joints are the weight-bearing ones (hips and knees, ankles and toes). It becomes difficult to do simple tasks when these joints are in pain. Walking, playing with your kids, or engaging in your favorite exercise are all examples of things that can be done. You are now in a difficult situation.

Your Health

Your health is not great (otherwise, you wouldn’t have developed gout). You are unable to exercise or do any other physical activity to improve your health. This can eventually lead to increased lethargy and even giving up on everything. Depression can also be a problem, even if there is no end in sight. Gout sufferers will often only think about it when they are having a gout attack.

The problem is more than just a sore foot. Gout is a chronic condition that can only be solved by breaking the cycle. Despite not realizing it, you are likely already in the cycle and on your way to serious problems. You must act now if you are already in the grips of the cycle.

Do This!

Exercise is a good option. Reduce alcohol intake, improve your diet, or do something to reverse this trend. Gout is a condition that can be treated with holistic health. If you do this, your gout problems will naturally disappear. You can say goodbye to gout by eating the right foods and avoiding the wrong foods.