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What Are Joint And Connective Tissue Disorders?

We want to be free of pain, regardless of its source. We often rush to treat the pain, without taking the time and researching the cause. It is possible to identify the root cause of pain so that you don’t end up with unnecessary medication, mistreatment, or prolonged aches and discomfort. Inflammation, swelling, and inflexibility are the most common causes for pain in joint and connective tissue disorders. Chronic inflammation can hinder the body’s natural ability heal and maintain healthy connective tissue and joint health.


The necessary nutrients required by the joints to maintain synovial fluid health have a difficult time getting through the inflammation and into the cells of the joints. Over-the-counter medications, which are often acetaminophen-based, are commonly used to treat joint pain, lupus, and gout. These products may provide temporary relief but they can also cause side effects like dependency, gastrointestinal problems, and cardiac risk. These medicines may temporarily relieve some symptoms of inflammation, but they do not reduce the pain.

Many people suffering from joint arthritis pain, Lupus, and gout pain seek pain management that is free of all possible side effects and addresses the root cause of their aches, stiffness, and inflexibility. Patients suffering from joint arthritis pain or other connective tissue disorders are looking for alternative products and dietary supplement to help them.


Dietary supplements aren’t medications, but the natural minerals, nutrients, and ingredients mimic the body’s natural healing process. Clinical trials have shown that a combination of chrondroitin and glucosamine can be used to treat osteoarthritis of knee pain. These ingredients are naturally found in the body and are essential for healthy joint and connective tissues maintenance.

There is a catch: When joints are subject to persistent damage, they require chrondroitin or glucosamine most. This damage can prevent the production and absorption these healing ingredients. These ingredients are being studied by researchers to help with joint pain relief and repair of connective tissue. These ingredients have been shown to reduce pain and increase flexibility. They also showed an improvement in activity of the cellular membranes in the joints. This suggests the possibility of rebuilding and repairing damaged connective tissue.

Pain Management

Although pain management is possible there are more natural ways to relieve joint arthritis pain and connective tissue pain. With continued research and study, we may discover that there are other options than pain management. These studies could lead to solutions for the actual repair and maintenance of damaged joints and connective tissues.


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