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What are the Common Causes of Gout?

Gout is a form of arthritis where uric acid builds up in the articular cartilages. This condition is also known as metabolic arthritis. It is characterized by inflammation in the tissues. Gout can be caused for many reasons. It can be passed down from parents. It can be passed from one parent to the other. According to a study, gout can be passed from one parent to the other. Some people are born with the gene that renders their bodies incapable of breaking down purines.

Lifestyle Factor

Our lifestyle can also impact our chances of developing this painful condition. Gout can be more common in those who drink alcohol regularly than in those who don’t. Gout can be caused by a diet high in protein, oil, and yeast. Red meat, yeast, oil and shell-fish should be limited. We also need to limit the intake of internal organs such as liver, brain, kidneys, and other internal organs. Gout should be avoided as these foods can aggravate gout and are the leading cause of this condition.

Gout can also be caused by sex. Gout can occur in men as the uric acids levels rise during puberty. Women are more likely to develop gout after becoming menopausal, as their uric acid levels rise. Gout can also be caused by severe starvation, dehydration, or trauma. Gout can also be a side effect of several diseases. Gout may be a side effect of chemotherapy for cancer patients. Gout can also be caused by a weak body that is deficient in vital minerals, vitamins, and iron.

Good To Know

Gout is more common in patients who are anemic. Gout can also be caused by Paget’s disease, a severe bone disorder that causes our bones to become deformed. Gout can also be caused by a skin condition called Psoriasis, which causes skin to become dry and scaly, and appear reddish. Gout can also be caused by lead poisoning.

Other common diseases include kidney disease, liver dysfunction, high cholesterol, obesity, and other conditions. Gout can also be caused by certain diseases, such as high cholesterol and obesity. Gout can also be caused by a high-stress lifestyle and a hectic lifestyle.


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