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What Factors can lead to Gout?

If there is too much of uric acid in the body, it can build up and cause severe pain. Gout can also be caused by purines. Purines, a natural substance found in the body, can cause a large amount of uric acid to be produced when it is broken down. Purines are found in many tissues of the human body. It is important to note that Purines can also be found in common foods like peas, anchovies and green beans.

Uric Acid

The uric acid that exists in our bodies is dissipated by blood in a healthy and normal function system. Once the acid has been dissolved, it passes through the kidneys before being expelled during urination. Sharp, jagged crystals can form when uric acid builds up and are deposited in the joints. This happens when: (a) the body’s uric acids production increases naturally; (b) blood purification is not being done properly by the kidneys, and, consequently uric acid is not being excreted through the urine; and (c) a Purine-rich diet is being consumed on a regular basis.

Gout can be caused by many factors. Gout can lead to kidney failure or death, so it is important that people are aware of the factors that contribute to this debilitating condition. Here are 10 factors that promote gout.


  • Gout can be passed from one generation to the next.
  • Gout is not a common condition in women.
  • Gout can be caused by excessive alcohol consumption (alcoholism).
  • Gout is very common in people who are overweight or obese.
  • Gout can be caused by eating foods high in Purines, such as the ones mentioned above.
  • Gout is more common in people who have had an organ transplanted into them.
  • Gout can be caused by lead exposure. Gout pain can be reduced by limiting your exposure to chemicals containing lead. You can find out which chemicals are lead-containing common chemicals by doing an online search.
  • Purines are broken down by enzymes in the body. Gout can be caused by an enzyme defect.
  • Gout can be caused by certain medications, such as diuretics, cyclosporine and aspirin.
  • Gout can also be caused by a high intake of niacin. Make sure to monitor your daily vitamin intake. Gout can be prevented by taking a hard look at our habits. Gout pain relief can be achieved by following a few simple steps.


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