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What Homeopathy Herbs Are Recommended For Gout?

Gout is an auto immune inflammation caused by needle-like urate crystals, which form due to high levels of uric acid within the body fluids. Gout can affect the tendons, joints, as well as the surrounding tissues. Prescription drugs are the most common and readily available treatment for gout. To reduce the chance of a recurring gout attack, most patients should change their lifestyle. Gout sufferers are increasingly turning to homeopathy as an alternative treatment. Some herbs have shown positive results in clinical trials.


It works best when combined with other medical suggestions, such as a change in diet and lifestyle. There are two types of herbal treatments for gout: herbs that relieve gout inflammation or pain, and herbs that reduce uric acid levels. Pain relief herbs should be taken during the attack, which is designed to minimize the symptoms of the inflammation. While herbs for reducing uric acid levels should be taken daily for a long time, herbs for pain relief should not be taken during the attack.

Devil’s claw is recommended as a treatment for gout. It helps to reduce swelling and pain. Bromelain, which can be taken on an empty stomach, acts as an anti-inflammatory agent. The body is cleansed of excess uric acid by Dandelion root. Because herbs that reduce uric acid levels are more like dietary supplements than medications, they can have cumulative effects on detoxifying the body. Red clover prevents severe gout problems and reduces uric acid levels in the body. Homeopathy is a treatment that takes time to prove its effectiveness.

Alternative Treatment

This alternative treatment is not as quick and easy as modern chemical drugs. Therefore, it is important to be patient and persevere. Homeopathy treatment may be the best option for gout relief, even though it takes a while to work. It takes time to reduce your body’s uric acid levels until you are free from gout attacks. Gout can be prevented by drinking lots of water and following a healthy diet. When combined with the right foods, you can eliminate gout completely by adding these herbs to your diet.