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What Is A Good Diet For Gout?

Gout sufferers, as with many others with painful medical conditions such as gout, are constantly bombarded by so-called miracle cures. Gout is one of the “miracle” cures. One of these miracle cures involves eating cherries. Gout Diet: Cherries or No Cherries? Before you decide on a diet to treat gout, it’s important to understand the unique medical condition. Gout is caused by uric acid buildup in the body, causing painful crystal-like spurs in the joints. Gout, like any other form of arthritis, is a painful swelling. Gout usually affects the big toe, but it can also affect other parts of the body.


Poor diet and sedentary lifestyle are the main causes of gout. It is important to emphasize that there is no magic bullet for this condition. You should avoid anyone or anything that promises the opposite. Cherry’s reputation as a pain relief for this condition is a matter of debate. Cherry, like all berries, is a great dietary choice. They are delicious, high in vitamins, low in fat, and low calories. Like most berries, cherries have anti-swelling properties. If you have gout, adding cherries to your diet may be a good idea. “Can” is the key word.

This is just one of many things you need to do if you want your condition to be under control. If someone asked if they should add cherries to their diet, the answer would be “yes”. However, a few cherries won’t be enough to cure your condition. Your condition must be approached from two perspectives. The first is from an activity perspective.

Did You Know?

Gout sufferers are often overweight or obese. This condition can be controlled by exercise, as well as other conditions like high blood pressure. Even if you’re not physically fit enough to do vigorous exercise, a daily one-mile walk is a good starting point. Your diet is the second thing to consider. This is the same answer for any medical condition, especially weight loss. Avoid fatty and fried foods as well as empty calories from alcohol and salty snacks. Instead, eat more lean cuts and green leafy vegetables and fruits.

It is important to change your lifestyle and not rely on miracle cures that don’t exist. Change your mindset is the hardest part of conquering most medical conditions. You can stop thinking about miracle cures and just focus on the task at-hand. It will be a blessing for your body! Gout diets that are balanced, high-fiber, and low-fat are the best.


Cherries are a good source for vitamins and minerals, and they can also have some anti-inflammatory properties. Don’t fall for the false belief that eating cherries will cure your symptoms. It is simply not true. Trust solid, practical advice to manage your condition, even if you don’t like what it says. Gout treatment is not easy but can be achieved with the right mindset and lifestyle changes.