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What is the main Cause of Rheumatism?

In many cases, rheumatism is a disease caused in part by ageing, joint trauma or excessive stress on cartilage, but also by immune system dysregulation and sometimes by infections or cancerous tumours. A hereditary component has also been identified. However, the exact causes of these disabling diseases are still unknown. Rheumatism causes are very complex…

Indeed, in the field of rheumatism, clinical charts are all the rage. The causes are so numerous that they are as yet little studied.

They include:

  • poor weight distribution
  • wear and tear of the joints
  • hereditary factors
  • poorly consolidated fractures
  • ligament and tendon injuries
  • inborn malformation of a joint

Other rheumatic diseases are caused by metabolic or immune problems, or are of inflammatory origin. Viral infections and certain intestinal bacteria are also suspected of causing rheumatism.

In general, the disease progresses chronically and causes inflammation of the joints, which can lead to their destruction.

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