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What is the Relation between Gout and Kidney Stones?

Gout symptoms in some people may be due to kidney problems. Purines contain uric acids that are excreted from the body and are not expected be absorbed completely by the body. They are not dependent on the amount of purine-rich food consumed by the body. It also depends on the kidney’s ability to expel uric acid from the system. Gout pains can be caused by uric acid crystals forming from inability to excrete. Gout and kidney stones are closely related. Kidney stones can affect the kidney’s ability of excrete. The kidneys can become impaired and the kidneys will retain too much uric acids in the blood stream.

Uric Acid

As uric acid builds up, it will eventually reach a point where it crystallizes and lodges in the joint. Gout and kidney stones are a result of kidney stones’ inability to excrete uric acid and their ability to crystalize. Crystalline substances can become kidney stones, but not from uric acid alone. They also form from other insoluble substances that build up and combine in the kidney system. Oxalates are insoluble substances. They can be either salt, calcium, or amino acids (cystine renal stones).

The patient must be aware of his/her diet. Acid oxalates are a sign that the stone is acidic. In this case, the patient’s diet should contain more alkalies to neutralize the acid. A diet that is alkaline consists mainly of fruits and vegetables. For people suffering from acid oxalates-induced kidney stones, dark red berries and cherries are recommended.


Cherries and berries are rich in chemical nutrients that lower uric acids and reduce inflammation. Cherry or berry juice will not only prevent kidney stones from forming but also prevent gout by lowering uric acid levels. However, vegetables like spinach, asparagus, and cauliflower, which are rich in alkaline, are also high in purines.

If you are following an alkaline-based diet, avoid vegetables like spinach, asparagus, and cauliflower as they can increase your uric level due to their purine rich contents. This is how you can determine what type of kidney stones you have and what food you should be eating. Then, you should determine which foods belong to a food group that is high in purine. This will ensure that the treatment does not increase the amount of uric acids that could later turn into uric gout crystals.


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