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What Should I Know About Folic Acid And Gout?

Gout is a condition that results in a buildup of uric acid. This uric acid must have a place to go and often crystallizes in joints. Gout can flare up in the big toe first, followed by other joints. You might not be aware that there are natural ways to lower your levels of uric acid. You may find them and they work for your pain. Folic acid and gout treatment may go hand-in-hand for some. Research has shown that 70 mgs of Folic acid per day can reduce uric acid levels. Other research has not confirmed these findings.

Folic Acid

Folic acid may be effective for some people with gout but not for others. Vitamin C has shown greater promise, but that may not work for everyone. It is often best to wait to find out what works for you when it comes to natural remedies and supplementing with natural products. It is very simple when it comes to folic acids and gout problems. Folic acid is believed to neutralize an enzyme called the xanthine oxidease.

This promotes the body’s production of uric acids. If this enzyme is blocked in any way, it can stop some of the excess urinary acid from being produced and stored in your body. With less uric acid comes less pain and less frequent gout flare ups. When you are considering a folic acid or gout treatment, there are some things to consider.

Good To Know

Some recommend taking 70 mgs of folic acid per day, but other sources suggest that you take 10 mgs to 40 mgs. You probably don’t realize, and most people don’t, that too much of a good thing can lead to serious health problems. Even too much of folic acid can cause health problems, especially for people with certain conditions. If you have epilepsy and take medication for it, folic acid and the gout remedy may not be right for you.

Too much folic acid can cause side effects and make your medication less effective. Folic acid can also cause side effects and interfere with other vitamins in the body. These and other possible interactions mean that you should talk to your doctor before taking this remedy. If your doctor agrees that you can try it out, be sure to report any unusual symptoms as soon as possible. This will allow your doctor to determine if the gout is due to the folic acid or not. Gout problems are important. But it is also important for your overall health.