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Why to start a Green Juice Diet?

Juicing is becoming more popular as a treatment for chronic conditions like diabetes and cancer. To get juice, you only need to know a few basics. All vegetable and fruit juices are good, but green juice has no sugars and is particularly nutritious. Raw green vegetables have healing properties that are undisputed. Celery is a common vegetable that most people don’t even consider. It is delicious with unhealthy foods like potato chips. It can lower blood pressure, prevent strokes, and help with heart attack. It can also help with gout and arthritis. We can’t forget about the much-maligned Broccoli. George Bush, the father, banned it from being served to Air Force One during his presidency.

Bad taste?

Despite its “bad taste”, broccoli can help prevent, control and even cure cancer. Even though you may not like broccoli, what if it wasn’t necessary to suffer from its taste? It is possible to mix the juice of broccoli with other green vegetables, with an apple added to enhance the flavor. It’s obvious that you need to eat lots of green vegetables to get enough nutrients, especially if you have cancer or another serious condition. To avoid “choking down” these bad-tasting vegetables and reduce their bulk, you can extract the nutrition and then throw away the rest. A juicer is a good tool to do this. A juicer extracts 95% of the nutrition from the juice.

The bulk of the juice is then discarded without any need to eat it. This also takes the strain out of your body trying to digest all that. The juice goes straight into your bloodstream and bypasses your digestive system. Did you know that your body can take up to 4 hours to begin the digestive process and up to 24 hours to get rid of the wasteful bulk. Juicing saves your body time and energy, allowing you to use that energy to do other things like get well or have fun. Juicing can help you make all that energy your own.

Rainbown Food

Nature colour-codes her foods so that each colour has different health benefits and benefits for your body. Here are my favourite foods in each colour. Flavonoids, which are rich antioxidants, and carotenoids are abundant in red foods. Lycopene, an antioxidant that prevents disease and infections, is found in tomatoes. Tomatoes taste best when they are fully ripe. Their colour is intense and their body is not too firm. To enhance their flavour, they are great in salads. Capsicums, also known as red bell peppers, are rich in vitamin A and a good source carotenoids that the body converts to vitamin A. They can contain seven times as much vitamin C than tomatoes and oranges.

South Americans invented the method of drying red capsicums and grinding them to make paprika. Paprika is a powerful blood stimulant and energiser. If you experience poor blood circulation, tiredness, or lethargy, paprika can be a great choice. The high fibre and water content of green foods aids digestion. They are designed to remove toxins from the body, such as heavy metals and pesticides, and make it less acidic.


Green is the color that nature uses; think green leaves and green grass. Your skin will glow like spring leaves if you eat more salad greens. Greens help to regulate your digestive system and prevent constipation. Cucumber juice can be beneficial for arthritis patients. Orange and yellow foods are mainly sweet potatoes, orange, sweet potato, carrot, mango, egg yolk, and banana. This color group is a great source of vitamin A and vitamin C, which are beneficial for eyes, cells, the reproductive systems, as well as the immune system.

Vitamin C helps fight infections and prevents the common cold. High in fibre, brown foods are high. Fiber is good for the bowels. It keeps you regular and prevents you from developing haemorroids. Blue foods can lift your spirits when it’s feeling down. Blueberries are a great choice for those who feel down. They are naturally anti-depressant, antiviral and anti-viral. White foods include rice and sugar, as well as onions, garlic, milk, yogurt, cheese, and potatoes. These are the essential ingredients of most recipes. These ingredients are used to enhance the flavour of other foods and make it easier to eat.

About Diets

We all wish we could find a miracle cure to melt our fat. There are diets that promise to make your weight disappear, but they will not allow you to eat the most fattening foods. Others will tell you you can eat anything as long as you don’t have any fat. It may seem like a miracle, but it is not. There is no magic bullet, but the good news? You don’t have to lose weight by dieting. Sensible eating is key to losing weight. It is best to eat as naturally as possible in order to eat sensibly. You don’t have to weigh portions or count calories. Avoid quick food in tins or packets. This will help you avoid hidden fats, sugar, and harmful preservatives. At least one meal per day should be a fruit meal.

Consume only fruit. It is best to eat fruit for breakfast and lunch. You can eat as many or as little fruit as you want. Fruits are very fast to digest so eat another one if your hunger persists. Bananas are very healthy and not fattening. A banana a day is enough to keep the doctor away. You can eat fruit by itself without any side effects, such as indigestion or gout. It is important to eat fruit alone and with an empty stomach. It is important not to eat your evening meal too late at night. If you can avoid meat, it will be a bonus. It is okay to love meat and not be able to give it up.

Final Tips

You can have one to two meatless days per week. Later, you can increase the number of meatless days. You can increase the amount of meatless days by reducing your portion of meat to about a third of your total meal. The rest of your meal should consist of vegetables and salads. The most unhealthy and fattening portion of meat is the fat. Make sure to cut out all visible fat. Because they have different digestion patterns, proteins and carbohydrates are not compatible. It is best to have both protein and carbohydrates as a meal. It can take some time to adjust to this, but once you start to feel better and realize that you are actually losing weight, it will be easy to change your lifestyle. It is wrong to eliminate fat from your diet. Be sure to use healthy fats and not saturated fat.


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