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Fresh sliced cucumbers

What to know about Kidney Stones?

Are you looking for ways to dissolve kidney stones. Before you start looking for solutions, it is important to understand the cause of your kidney stones. This article will provide valuable information on remedies that can be used to treat kidney stones. It is a hard, crystalline mineral that forms in your kidneys or urinary tract. It is also known medically as Nephrolithiasis. The five main types are calcium, uric, struvite and cysteine. Common symptoms include blood in the urine,…
Close-up basil Ocimum basilicum

How to explore the Use of Basil?

We explore some of the most interesting ways Basil - A wonder plant - can be used in our daily lives. Basil, also known as Ocimum Bacilicum, is a very important member the mint family. It is the only one who can claim the title of being a home-doctor. This herb is scientifically proven to have exceptional healing properties and is recommended for daily cooking. Here are some ways this herb can brighten your day. Basil is an important member…